Kirklees Climate Emergency – 6 months on

Today climate campaigners made a deputation to the Kirklees Council meeting, questioning the Council as to progress made on its Climate Emergency Motion in January 2019. The speakers were representatives of the newly-formed Kirklees Climate Emergency Group, a voluntary community group which aims “To support, promote and facilitate as appropriate the aims and objectives set out in the Motion”. They were joined outside the Town Hall by dozens of local people calling for ‘action not words’ on the climate emergency.

The speakers congratulated the Council for establishing a Working Party, which is currently working to develop a considered response and climate action plan for the Council.  However the deputation requested that the Council addressed other commitments it had made in the Climate Emergency Motion

Kirklees Climate Emergency Group deputation: Ali Stopher, Kiran Bali, Murray Holmes, Jan Walters.

Ali Stopher, joint Chair of the Kirklees Climate Emergency Group (KCEG)  said:

“We are here today to remind the Council of the first resolution of the Motion, which commits the Council:

“to declare a Climate Emergency and publicise this to the people of Kirklees to raise awareness, and support the public to take effective action

Six months on from that declaration, we have seen only minimal evidence of Council action in publicising the Climate Emergency, raising awareness or supporting the public to take effective action.”

Kiran Bali MBE JP was also one of the deputation and said: “We urge you as a Council to treat this as the emergency that the Motion recognizes it is.  Please speak out about the nature of the Climate emergency, and do it now”.

The campaigners also highlighted that the Council has not yet appeared to have acted on the 6th resolution of the Motion, which was to write to the Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry about the climate emergency and asking for a release of funds to local authorities that would allow them to take the necessary measures at local level.

Murray Holmes aged 15, another of the speakers in the deputation, said:

As Sir David Attenborough has said, ‘Time is running out’.  My generation will inherit the world you leave behind.  Please treat this as the emergency it truly is and do everything you can.  And please do it now.”

Jan Walters from the Kirklees Climate Emergency Group added:

”We all need to work together on this, to do more and do it more quickly.  Kirklees Climate Emergency Group will support the Council in this in any way we can.”

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